Thursday, August 21, 2014

140 characters more or less

I read somewhere that boredom is a precious thing.

Well, I am clearly bored of keeping a blog. Not necessarily with blogging, maybe with this blog.
I have taken to different forms of blogging on micro platforms - the Twitters, Facebooks, Google Plus, Instagrams, Pinterests, Foodspottings, Tumblrs.
Never MySpace, never.
I create notes and logs in apps for food and fitness, and Google Drive.

Revamp or start something new?
Tending towards the latter.
Integrate sounds like a better deal.
Or theme.

If the reader of this post is concerned about thinking in bursts or wondering if I am simply writing blurbs, then the reader should know that the writer is on presently on page 119 of 220 of "The Shallows: What the Internet is doing to our brains," by Nicholas Carr, on my Kindle Cloud Reader.
And believe me, that explains this blog post.

In other news, this six year old electronic moniker that is "Miss Balance" has to go.

The Joneses: Neighbors not Roommates

This Forbes article just changed my life.

That probably flashed a tad too dramatic but yes, changing one’s thinking is ultimately changing one’s life. In a nutshell, it is a story of two friends who decided to start a “buy nothing year” thing and it resonated with me. I started out this week telling myself I would buy nothing, this week. No eating out, not even lunch at my work cafeteria. Well, so far it’s Thursday, and I gave in just once yesterday. But anyway, the message at the heart of the story is simple: You can’t manage what you don’t measure, and I thought it was a great coincidence for me to run into an article when I myself was embarking on a similar venture, howbeit on a smaller scale.

I have decided that I am not leaving room for the Joneses to suddenly creep in on me and subtly take over my finances. I use Mint, and spent a good two hours over the weekend, planning, categorizing, budgeting and partly wondering why the app was not intelligent enough in its time to see patterns and make predictions, saving me the time and stress of manually adjusting the “Uncategorized” transactions. Watson takeover long overdue!

"The outside influences are always pouring in upon us, and we are always obeying their orders and accepting their verdicts. The Smiths like the new play; the Joneses go to see it, and they copy the Smith verdict.” - Mark Twain, Corn Pone Opinions.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Logs: Week One

A week and a half in.
Past one of the overwhelming phases that is week one: getting confused by faces, names, buildings, tasks. I don't know the algorithms involved in pairing but I was assigned a mentor and we went out to lunch together on the first Friday, which eventually turned out to an invitation for an evening hangout with colleagues. Friday night came and we were out of Poughkeepsie and headed to Main Street, Beacon, some 13 miles apart.

The Hop was the first stop: an artisanal beer tasting room. Right? Choice location for a beer-o-phobe like me, innit? Anyways, thank Heavens for apple cider and great conversation :) I got introduced to MAS, who would be my favorite person for the rest of the outing, as well as SV. MAS was down-to-earth, well, with a splash, just a splash of well done cocky, which was understood as she had badass bragging rights). I admired her openness and marveled at her accomplishments. Down the line she introduced me to SV, who was the most obvious character in the room, no thanks to his lanky 6 foot 4 or so frame. My thing for SV was how he put himself out there for MAS. I loved the friendship instantly. SV took time to show me the ropes and give useful advice. Hop forward to the more upscale Round House where we were re-introduced and I ended up wearing his random "Brad" shirt when the weather got a tad too chilly.

Dogwood was my fave of the three bars. It had that 2a.m energy that I loved even though I did not actively contribute to. I was mentally shutting down the part of my brain that handled conversations, and was only passively answering questions. MAS didn't feel too good and had checked out too. Three of us stepped out for fresh air while others stayed in for a few more pints. Things eventually wound down after 2am, and we split into groups. While some headed home, my group headed to the 1-84 Diner for some random breakfast.

By 3am, I was in wrapped up in bed, ready to call it a night. But JG wasn't.

Saturday came and I finally unpacked the suitcases I had been living out of. Caught up on Game of thrones, went grocery shopping and cooked some some stockless stew which came up decent. And spicy.

Sunday was a froyo type of day, and my German housemate and I went to Hoopla to soak up some sun while eating froyo with kitkat, crunch and twix toppings. I also finally ditched my loyal but dinosaur Blackberry (9700 Bold 2) phone. The thing belonged to a passed generation and in a museum, plus it didn't help that I had no Tmobile signal at work and the world had long evolved past the app-less blackberry era. AT&T's sexy Samsung Galaxy s4 mini for the win!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Empire State of Mine

I am finally in New York! I'm a stranger here. Everywhere I went, strangers helped me. When they had to leave, they handed me over to other strangers. Jamaican, Ohio grads, French men, Senegalese-American mum ... All the way from Queens to Poughkeepsie, and every city in between.
Thank you New York for the pleasant surprise!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Empire State of Mind

Live in New York City once, but leave before it makes you hard,
Live in Northern California once, but leave before it makes you soft.

I dream of you, New York.
Four days to go and here I am counting down, all giddy with excitement!
It's no secret California has my heart, but I wonder if you'd be strong enough to contend.